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The role of digitalization in Quality Management

- Trends, challenges and best practices from the metallic value chain

20 min on-demand webinar




In the manufacturing and steel industry, a critical transformation theme is empowering resilient and sustainable supply chains. With new and aggressive regulations during 2022, such as the EU Commission's Digital Product Passport and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), traceability and accountability have become increasingly vital. 

Whilst these regulations have highlighted the need for businesses to prioritize transparency and sustainable practices throughout their supply chains it has also created a great window of opportunity for Quality leaders to address existing challenges within their field.

By leveraging new digital technologies, quality managers have the opportunity to digitalize supplier collaboration and improve  internal processes like part approval, incoming inspections, internal quality control and certificate management. Improving efficiency and compliance, and ultimately drive greater value for their organizations.


What you will learn

Join us as we explore the role of digitalization in quality management and where we elaborate on...

  • Insights from industry experts
  • The key market forces driving digitalization in Quality Management

  • The common challenges and opportunities  within Quality Management relevant to address

  • Introducing supply chain traceability as digital enabler and solution area for Quality Management


Who the webinar is intended for

This webinar is aimed at Quality Managers, Quality Engineers and IT professionals interested in digital tooling as means to address operational challenges and pains of today, as well as more strategic opportunities within area of Quality and Compliance to meet new market demands.


Watch on-demand

Featured speakers:

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Daniel Eriksson Pitt
Chief Commerical Officer
Thomas Persson
Chief Customer Officer

Start date time
12:00 CET

40 min (25 + 15)